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The Artwork of Bettina M. Kurkoski


October 10, 2023 - Bettina

Hello out there!

Hi gang! It's been a while! So sorry for being gone for so long...lots of stuff happened and...well...didn't...at the same time XD;;; I'd taken QUITE a bit of time off from doing conventions and any finished artwork, as I've been in a BIG slump for the past few years, choosing to fill that time with my love for fiber arts...aka...knitting and spinning yarn. But fear not! I am NOT done with creating comic art or arting in general, I've just not been as inspired to work on anything worth sharing :/ However, lately things have been a wee bit better and I'm SLOWLY coming out of my slump! :D VERY slooooooooowly though >,>;;;

ANYways! On to a big announcement!

I will be DEMONSTRATING & SELLING at the PLIMOTH PATUXET WINTER FINE ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR on DECEMBER 2-3, 2023, Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm at the Plimoth Patuxet Museums in Plymouth, MA!

Come on in, stop by and say HELLO! :D I shall be demonstrating my yarn/fiber spinning skills and selling handcrafted stitch markers & suncatchers, project bags, handspun yarn and launching my NEW venture into stationary supplies, starting with sticker sheets, sticker packs and journals, all featuring BRAND NEW ART & DESIGNS by your's truly! :D <3

I have ALWAYS had a LOVE for stationary supplies, particularly stickers and have ALWAYS wanted to create my own line. With todays available technology, I'm FINALLY able to start that venture and follow that dream! ^_^ <3 The event in December will be a sort of 'testing the waters' for me, and from there I will eventually be creating an online shop, so they'll be more widely available! :D But for now, I'm limiting my sales to local shows while I get things started and build the shop site. XD

In the meantime, the journals I'll be selling at the December show are available for purchase NOW through Amazon! :D YAYS! There are currently 3 designs available:

Crafting Magic - This theme is all about MAGIC! Cute adorable MAGIC!
Knittin' Cnyttan - This theme is for those fellow fiber enthusiasts!
Plantationis Magicae - This theme is for the garden/plant lover!

Again, eventually the coordinating stickers and such will eventually be available to purchase online once the shop is built and launched! ^_^ Until then, you can get a sneak peek at the designs over on my Instagram page, as that's where I've been posting most in the past few years, more so recently since I've been more inspired to work on this venture again. ^_^ <3

I'll also be working on THIS site over the next few weeks, updating the layout and such, and upgrading to a much more efficient method for updating...aka...I'm looking to switch over to the WordPress format so I can make site building, updating and editing FAR easier than playing around with RAW coding, which is what I've been working with since I first launched my website waaaaaaaaaaay back when I was with my first webhost, which I think was Yahoo >.>;;; so yea...been a LONG journey! XD

ANYhow! Back to work! Lots of product prepping still to do for the December show and hope to see you there! :D

Catch you later!

~Bettina ^_^


Plimoth Patuxet Museums
December 2 & 3, 2023
Saturday & Sunday | 10am - 4pm
Plimoth Patuxet Museums - Plymouth, MA