Name: Arie
OCCUPATION: Archer in-training
HAIR: blue
EYES: violet
AGE: 18
RACE: Hybrid (Vorgosian Human/Vorgosian Dragon/Earthian Human)
WEAPON: Bow and arrows
BACKGROUND: Arie and her twin brother Areio are the offspring of the tribe leader and are never far from each other. They both possess their fatherís natural warrior fighting abilities. But watch out! They can be quite mischievous and are often time found sparring against each other. Their father has ordered them to go along on the journey to further advance their fighting skills with Jaegar continuing as their master. Unfortunately, Arie will be the only girl on this journey! Luckily, Saffronís effeminate nature might help to balance it a little, kind of like a mother figure during the journey.

Arie is very advanced in her training with Jaegar, though she is not yet a master, her skills do reflect that she's very close to being one! As far as fire arrows and whatnot, she most definitely knows how to use them! She has Jaegar as a master and he's very tough on his students, so his students are more likely to advanced much faster than with any other both Arie and her twin brother Areio have been training with Jaegar since they were tots, that and Jaegar is a very close friend of their father, and that makes a big difference in their training! Jaegar is a lot tough on them than he is with his other students! Arie definitely has the potential of becoming a master herself someday!