Name: Darget
OCCUPATION: Master Swordman
HAIR: blonde
EYES: blue
AGE: 29
RACE: Hybrid (Vorgosian Human/Vorgosian Dragon/Earthian Human)
WEAPON: broadsword
BACKGROUND: A very fun loving guy, he can almost always be found joking around with the twins. But when it comes to battles, he puts on a more serious demeanor. He’s always looking to impress the guys, hitting on them and such because, well, he really, REALLY LIKES LIKES other guys. So don’t be too surprised to see him hitting on the other members of the group during the journey, especially Saffron! Poor Saffron, who reminds Darget constantly that he’s not interested!!!!…Yea! You can have some real fun with this guy! Oh! And Darget is Feldspar’s only older brother!

Darget would probably go to great lengths to hit on Saffron! Most likely would try to sneak into his tent along the journey, making passes at his, pretending to trip and fall on him so he can grope him, sends or brings him flowers, heck! he's too pretty not to love!...I'm so glad Saffron is straight!!! Just makes the situation that much more fun!!!!

Also...Darget does have a tendency to get drunk when things don't go his way ...eheheheehheee!!!