Name: Feldspar
HAIR: pale blonde
EYES: red
AGE: 24
RACE: Hybrid (Vorgosian Human/Vorgosian Dragon/Earthian Human)
WEAPON: Flute, used to cast spells (other than its normal playing abilities), as a last resort uses a small dagger
BACKGROUND: Feldspar was once a very bright and cheerful being, always happy to play a song to entertain the children in his village. Now he is but a shadow of his former self, playing songs of despair, hiding among the shadows, taking extended amounts of time alone and is easily provoked into fits of rage. No longer do his eyes sparkle with the love and joy he once carried for a human whom he secretly had a relationship with, for it was forbidden, by human laws, for Hybrids and Humans to be with each other in that nature. And because of the love he shared with her, she mysteriously disappeared, feared dead. But because no body had been found, he believes she still lives and sets out to search for her. In the meantime, the leaders of government from both races clash over the situation, the Humans saying it was the Hybrid that killed her for disgracing their kind, while the Hybrid protested saying it was a set up and the Humans were behind the killing. A war was emanate. Feldspar along with six other chosen members of his tribe set out together to find the truth. For finding the girl means finding the truth behind her dead and they may even stumble upon the truth about the origin of their race.