Name: Saffron
OCCUPATION: Shaman/Spiritual leader of the village
HAIR: raven black
EYES: bright aquamarine blue
AGE: 36
RACE: Vorgosian Human/Vorgosian Dragon
WEAPON: magic (read: psychic abilities), an ornate japanese style sword sheathed horizontally across the back of his waist
BACKGROUND: Found in a field of flowers when still little more than an infant, Saffron grew up under the care of Mother Jennae, his surrogate mother and Shaman of her village. Under her teachings, she reared him to become a Master Shaman. During his late teen years, his heart was captured by Gissa, his best friend of which he had known for most of his life. It was during his 18th year that he made a “bond” with her, giving his heart eternally to her. But tragedy struck two years later, resulting in an event that forever changed his life.

Time passes by, as Saffron completes his training and takes the vow of Shaman, leaving his home to become the designated Shaman for the neighboring village, guided by Mother Jennae’s brother, Jaegar. Taking Saffron under his wing and watch, he eased Saffron into his duties as village Shaman, and continued on as his surrogate father in his new home. It is here that he begins a new life for himself, adopting an orphaned girl several years after his move.

Sixteen years have passed since the tragedy in his home village, when he is called upon to aid in a rescue attempt involving a Hybrid/Human love affair. Where this path will lead him...that is what this story will reveal.

Believed to be a direct link to the Lgendary Dragon King because of his appearance and his “gifts”(again, read:psychic abilities). He was brought up in the teachings of the shaman, taking his place as the tribe’s spiritual leader upon coming of age. He is very effeminate in both appearance and mannerism(and is the tallest in the group and tribe, possible another connection to the Dragon King). But do not underestimate his fighting abilities both with his “gifts” and swordsmanship, for like the Legendary Dragon King, he too possesses unsurpassed skills.

Of all his “gifts”, the gift of foresight presents itself in the most unusual way, for it acts upon its own, striking at any given moment as a warning signal in the form of Saffron coughing up blood, whereupon it forms symbols that only the Master Shaman himself can decipher. And not just any blood, for his blood is blue, just as it is said that the Legendary Dragon King possessed.

A note on Saffron’s sexual preferences: I’m just setting the record straight! Literally! Though he is very effeminate, he is in no way gay! ^_^!!!!

Another note: Saffron does have an adopted daughter named Heather, who is following in Saffron's footsteps as he trains her to be a shaman.